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Real Estate Video and Photography


All tiers include Editing, Licensed Music, and Drone (FAA regulations apply).

All Photography Packages include Editing, HDR Images, and Drone (FAA regulations apply).


Tier 1


Properties Under $500,000


- Video: $500

- Photography: $250

- Small Properties Negotiable



Tier 2


Properties $500,000 - $1Million


- Video: $750

- Photography: $350



Tier 3


Properties $1Million - $1.9 Million


- Video: $1000

- Photography: $375


- additional photographer may needed


Tier 4


Properties $2Million - $2.9Million


- Video only: $1500

- Photography only: $400


- Additional Videographer or assistance may be required and their Day Rate considered additionally.

- Please contact for more information.


Tier 5


Properties $3Million and Above

- may require multiple days of shooting. day rates may apply (for additional information on day rates, see below)

- Additional Videographer or assistance may be required and their Day Rate considered additionally.


- Please contact for more information.



Payment: Due to high demand for video and photo services a $200 Retainer must be made in order to secure your production date. The retainer is non-refundable unless the Videographer fails to appear on the scheduled shoot date. Retainer will be submitted to Digital Tide Productions upon scheduling video service and paid no later than the production date. When video services is complete the retainer amount is then subtracted from the total amount listed above and will be listed on the invoice. Final payment must be made before the listing is posted publicly, or a late fee of $50 per day will be applied.


Day Rates: Day Rates and Editing Rates will apply to muli-day productions. If two or more days are required to film a property the Videographer will use Day Rates to charge the client for a production. Rates begin upon arrival to production site and end when the shoot is complete and gear is stowed. If production work is more than 8 hours in a single day, a half day rate will be added to the day rate. (Example: 12 Hour Day: $700+$350 = $1050)


Full Day Rate (4-10 Hours): $750

Half Day Rate (1-4 Hours): $350 

Video Editing: $600

Narration/Sound Design: $250

Travel: Travel expenses/reimbursements may apply if distance is greater than 100 miles. (Gas, Food, Ferry, Lodging etc). Receipts paid for by the Videographer will be submitted to the Agent and applied to the final invoice for reimbursement.

Multi-Day Productions: For productions that require over night stays; accommodations, and expenses are to be reimbursed (food, gas, hotel, ferry, etc). Receipts paid for by the Videographer will be submitted to the Agent and applied to the final invoice for reimbursement.

Additional Editing: Additional versions of the video may be requested if mutually agreed upon by both the Client and Editor. Additional fees will apply.

Text Descriptions: For videos that require text descriptions. The Client must provide a written script to the Videographer. Text must be specific to what will be applied to the video footage. Text will be applied to the video at no extra charge as long as a script is provided.


Narration: For productions that require Voice Over Narration. The Client must provide a written script to the Videographer (Preferably an outline before filming). Client is free to choose a narrator or Digital Tide Productions may assist in finding a narrator for hire. The Client is responsible for fees the Narrator may charge for his or her service. An additional $250 will be applied to the final total for audio recording, mixing, and editing. This will typically add an additional day of post production work.


Sound Design: Commercially Licensed Music will be provided from “”. This has been a trusted up to date source of music over the years. The Client may choose tracks from “” or otherwise provide their own tracks at their expense for licensing fees. If specific sound effects are needed for the video, please requested recording of these sounds before production begins. Some specific sound effects may require additional fees in order to record or license them.


Visual Effects (VFX): Upon specific request from the Client, this may include the removal of unsightly objects, advanced color correction techniques, Effects, 3D Motion Tracking, property lines, 3D modeling or design, etc. Depending on the amount of work needed extra fees may apply. Please contact me for more information and pricing for VFX application. 


Drone: Digital Tide Productions is Licensed by the FAA to operate drones commercially for Real Estate purposes within class G Airspace up to 400ft above ground level (AGL). Operator must retain an airspace waiver to fly at night or in order to operate in Class B,C,D, & E Airspace. These are typically areas near Airports and runways with high air traffic volume (Bellingham, Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor, Coupeville, Everett, Seattle, Tacoma). Please allow two week's notice prior to filming in order to submit and process waiver applications through the FAA.

Delivery: Final video produced will be delivered digitally via e-mail or WeTransfer. All payments must be complete before video listing may go live. 


Rights: Client retains Exclusive rights to the final video produced. However, the Client agrees to allow Digital Tide Productions to use the final video produced for promotion and proof of work. Digital Tide Productions retains the rights to the RAW footage. RAW unprocessed footage my be requested and Exclusive Rights transferred to the Client as long as the Client provides Digital Tide Productions with their own hard drive formatted to “exFAT” for PC & Mac compatibility and pay a $500 Exclusive Licensing Fee. (This fee is applied if you wish to outsource the footage to a 3rd party editor or owner).

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